Husband murdered in carjacking at posh New Jersey Mall at Short Hills


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New Jersey police are searching for two men after a carjacking at an upscale mall turned deadly on Sunday night. Hoboken residents Dustin J. Friedland and his wife, Jamie Schare Friedland, had just finished a night of shopping at the posh Mall at Short Hills, in Millburn, New Jersey. The couple returned to their 2012 silver Range Rover in the adjoining garage, and Dustin Friedland was getting into the vehicle when he was jumped by two men. Friedland apparently resisted the carjackers, who then shot him in the head. He was declared dead three hours later at Morristown Medical Center. After forcing Jamie Friedland out of the car, the assailants fled in the Range Rover and another vehicle.

Police initiated a search for the stolen Range Rover late Sunday night, hoping it would lead to the killers. Unfortunately, Friedland’s killers realized the murder invited too much attention and they abandoned the vehicle behind a vacant tenement in Newark. The rear window had been smashed when the vehicle was discovered Monday morning, possibly to extract shopping bags left in the back. No motive for the attack has been proposed, other than to steal the Friedlands’ Range Rover, which is considered a luxury vehicle. The Mall at Short Hills’ parking garage is typically full of luxury vehicles, especially during the busy shopping season before Christmas.
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