Husband gets tongue bitten off by pregnant wife for being ugly

A pregnant Indian woman has been detained for biting off her husband's tongue because she found him too ugly.


NSFW    NEW DELHI — A poor chap in India nearly lost his tongue after frustration with his not-so-good looks prompted his pregnant wife to bite it off.

The Times of India reports that according to the police, the two 22-year-olds weren't exactly compatible, and fought regularly. Locals say the woman also thought her husband was ugly, which only made things worse.

Reports say the couple had only just patched up after an argument when the wife kissed him, and then deliberately bit off nearly half of his tongue.

The man has since undergone surgery, but doctors can't say if he'll ever be able to talk again.

His pregnant wife was later detained after her father-in-law reported the incident to the police.

She already confessed to committing the bizarre act. But as to whether it was pregnancy hormones, long-simmering hatred, or just the crazies that pushed her to do it is anyone's guess.
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