Hurricane Sandy slams NYC and the East Coast


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Hurricane Sandy is slamming into the East Coast while everyone is still trying to figure out if the media is blowing it out of proportion again.

If you have been following the live updates of Hurricane Sandy, it's pretty clear this storm poses a larger threat than Hurricane Irene did last year. But still, many East Coast residents are still not taking the storm as seriously as the politicians are.

Mayor Bloomberg was so excited to issue his warning to New Yorkers he even sported a half-chub during his speech. Besides the awkward photo, Bloomberg also had a slightly controversial response to what would happen to the prisoners on Rikers Island, "Don't worry about anybody getting out." Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, has also issued some dramatic statements, calling people who don't take this storm seriously, "selfish and stupid".

Hmm all this sounds slightly familiar to the story about the boy who cried wolf. Looks like the people of the East Coast are true to their cynical stereotypes and will wait until the alcohol runs out to reach hysteria.
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