Hunger Games Trailer 2012: animated


NSFW    Imagine a dystopian post-apocalyptic North America where kids are chosen at random to participate in a horrifying battle to the death — broadcast to the whole nation. That's life in Panem, the creation of Suzanne Collins in her Hunger Games trilogy for young adults. The heroin of The Hunger Games is Katniss Everdeen, a teen who volunteered to participate in the Hunger Games in the place of her sister. Critics and young readers alike embraced Katniss for being so tough and resourceful.

Many existing fans of the book were outraged when it was announced that she will be played by the 21-year-old buxom, blonde, Jennifer Lawrence. Although Laurence has acting chops, she bears little resemblance to wiry young survivor as described by the book. The brawny hunks cast to play Peeta and Gale were similarly regarded as suspect...these were supposed to be kids in a desperately poor district, fighting regularly with starvation.

There's a long-running tradition in Hollywood of casting actors in their 20s to play teens. Some speculate the choice to use older actors is in part to avoid the stringent regulations regarding the used of actors aged 18 or younger. But given the casting, is it any wonder that many now expect The Hunger Games movie of trying too hard to be Twilight Redux?
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