Humongous boar 'PIGZILLA' caught rummaging through bins

Wild boars are actually common in the hills around Hong Kong.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

HONG KONG — A giant wild boar was recently seen dumpster diving in a garbage bin close to a school in Hong Kong.

Finding food can be a violent event in the animal kingdom, birds feed on fish, crabs feed on birds, and raccoons gorge on bread that they find in … well, trash. But nothing to compares to this. All ye peasants, behold the very hungry, very large boar king, Pigzilla and his mini or regular-sized wild boar minions.

The hungry humongous boar king was seen rummaging through dumpsters near a local school. It is unknown if the beast successfully procured itself a good meal, but let's imagine it went something like what we showed you in our animation.

The video was uploaded to a Facebook page called Tu Dongdong with a caption that loosely translated says "pig king", and it has been viewed 468k times already.
Wild boars are actually common in the hills around Hong Kong. The beasts can weigh up to 450 pounds and are often forced into the city to find food due to Hong Kong's rapid urban development.
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