Human Moon village plans released by design firm

An American architecture firm working with the European Space Agency and MIT developed a concept for the first self-sufficient human lunar settlement.


NSFW    CHICAGO — American architecture firm, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, worked with the European Space Agency and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop a concept for the first self-sufficient human lunar settlement which they are calling 'Moon Village'.

According to a press release by SOM, the village would be built on the edge of the Shackleton Crater which is located near the Moon's South Pole and receives a consistent amount of sunlight throughout the lunar year.

The settlements would be placed near the crater's water-ice deposits. This water would be used to make breathable air as well as rocket fuel for transportation and industrial activities within the modules.

Each inflatable module would be interconnected by pressurized walkways and have up to four floors which include workspaces, residential areas as well as life support and environmental systems built inside a protective shell made of regolith. This base would be resistant to extreme temperatures, projectiles, lunar dust, and solar radiation.

For all you space junkies out there, don't get too excited, this is a proposal for space exploration after the year 2050. Regardless, humans on the moon again, ain't that exciting?
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