Huge purifying towers proposed to clean Delhi's air

A system of massive towers and drones could help tackle Delhi's air pollution


NSFW    DELHI, INDIA — An Indian architectural firm is proposing to build huge air purifying towers that will tackle air pollution in Delhi.

Studio Symbiosis Architects says that its 60-meter-tall Aura towers will form an air cleaning system to protect city residents from pollution, including PM 2.5 particulate matter.

According to DesignBoom, the structure's aerodynamic designs include spiraling contours that draw in polluted air and expel clean filtered air.

The pressure differentials enables the tower to pull PM 2.5 particles into its internal filtering chamber.

The architects claim the smaller iteration of the Aura tower with a height of 18 meters could clean 32 million cubic meters of air per day.

The firm says the taller towers will form a protective ring around Delhi's city borders to keep pollution out, while the 18 meter towers will be built by pollution hot spots inside the city.

Pollution detecting drones and air cleaner attachments for cars will also form an integrated system with the towers.
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