Huge 6.5-meter python captured in southern Taiwan

Firefighters in Kaohsiung have nabbed a massive 6.5-meter python that weighs about a hundred kilos.


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KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN — Firefighters in southern Taiwan have just captured a massive snake that's so ginormous you kinda wonder what it's been eating.

Liberty Times reports that while clearing weeds near a roadside ditch in Kaohsiung on Thursday, a worker had spotted the Burmese python wriggling in the grass and immediately notified authorities.

Firefighters soon arrived to nab slithers, who was 6.5 meters long and weighed about 100 kilos. But it soon became apparent that their puny snake catchers were no match for the huge snake, which kept hissing and lunging at the men.

They eventually subdued the serpent by using a crowbar to press its head down, and tape to seal its big mouth shut.

It took more than a few firefighters to load the python into a water barrel — part of it anyway — and then onto a borrowed delivery truck.

At the fire station, the brave snake nabbers had a bit of light fun with slithers with a Tetris Challenge photo.

The giant python stayed at the station for a bit before being handed over to animal control.
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