Huawei CFO carrying iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air when arrested

What a great commercial for Huawei products.


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VANCOUVER — Looks like someone is a bit of an Apple aficionado, unfortunately that someone is Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou, who was busted last December in Vancouver on charges ranging from fraud to money laundering.
According to a court filing reported by Bloomberg, when Canadian po po arrested the Huawei executive at the behest of the U.S. on Dec. 1 during a stopover at Vancouver International Airport, they found her rocking an iPhone 7 Plus, an iPad Pro and a MacBook Air.
Okay, she was carrying one sole Huawei product, the Mate 20 RS Porsche Edition.
According to Bloomberg, Meng's lawyers have filed an application seeking a copy of the data stored on the Apple products, oh yeah, and one Huawei device. They also requested the devices be sealed.
In an email from Canada's justice department to Bloomberg, the crown prosecution consented and the devices will be transferred "to the British Columbia Supreme Court Registry pending an assessment of solicitor-client privilege."
This isn't the first time Huawei employees have used iPhones. It demoted and cut the pay of two workers after the company's official New Year's greeting was sent out "via Twitter for iPhone."

But Meng most likely will be okay, Huawei was founded by her billionaire father Ren Zhengfei.
And on the bright side, it's easier to get Apple products into U.S. prisons—as long as you've got a good prison wallet.
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