How would the U.S. conduct military battle against North Korea?

As tensions continue to mount on the Korean peninsula with no side backing down, the U.S. has threatened a massive military response to any potential North Korean nuclear attack. But what would that look like?


NSFW    WASHINGTON, D.C. — How would the U.S. military conduct a conflict against North Korea?

A Washington Examiner commentary suggests that the U.S. would likely deploy large groups of its navy and air force to Japan, Okinawa and Guam.

A Stratfor analyst told Business Insider that they they'd also possibly maneuver submarines and ships closer to the North and target nuclear facilities through airstrikes.
Helicopter-deployed buoys would listen for North Korean submarines, which could be destroyed by more advanced American underwater craft.

Experts also reckon that the U.S. would not invade, but rather defend South Korea as the North Korean army charges the border. This scenario would also see U.S. special forces parachuting into strategic locations around Pyongyang for surgical strikes.

If, in the extremely unlikely scenario — North Korea hits Guam or another U.S. territory or ally — with a nuclear strike, the U.S. has the option to respond via land, sea or air. Most agree that the resulting American retaliation would lay waste to Pyongyang and kill thousands, if not millions.
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