How will Kim Jong Un travel to meet with Donald Trump?

Switzerland, Sweden, Russia and China, were also posited, as was the U.S. itself but it is not clear if the North has the transportation capable of getting there.


NSFW    TO BE CONFIRMED — North Korea may not be equipped with transport capable of getting its leader Kim Jong Un to his May meeting with US President Donald Trump.

Citing a former CIA analyst, the Washington Post reports that North Korea uses old long range Soviet aircraft. Analysts also told the paper that North Korean airline Koryo has shorter-range Tupolev jets.

Unconfirmed reports last month put Kim in China, saying he got there via an armored green train. If true, he could also travel by rail to a European venue via Moscow or to a spot in Russia itself. There are several North Korea to Russia train services in operation, according to travel website

Analysts say Kim could also borrow aircraft from one of its neighbors, or travel with South Korea or Sweden. However the Post reports these options could be embarrassing for the North Korean leader.
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