How to find the G-Spot: Doctor has it all figured out


NSFW    Who has to die for a woman to have a good orgasm around here? A 83-year-old Polish lady, DUH. Florida-based Dr. Adam Ostrzenski, a 71-year-old gynecologist, claims to have discovered the G spot while performing a postmortem exam on a woman in Poland.

Some critics are finding Dr. Ostrzenski's discovery hard to believe. Just three months ago scientists published a study outlining reasons why there was no actual G spot.

In what is becoming the least sexy story about the G spot ever, Dr. Ostrzenski outlines how he had to travel to Poland because of looser regulations surrounding the dissection of human remains closely after death.

Before you start doing your happy dance ladies, the actual piece of tissue is teeny tiny measuring at 8.1mm by 3.6mm by 1.5mm. The Doctor plans to investigate this discovery further in the next month by testing; hormones, nerve endings and how age is a factor.
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