How Supreme Court justices are nominated and confirmed

The process of nominating and confirming a Supreme Court justice.


NSFW    WASHINGTON — Justice Anthony Kennedy is stepping down at the end of July, paving way for the president to nominate a new Supreme Court judge, reports CNBC.

When a supreme court justice retires, the president has to nominate a candidate, someone considered qualified enough to serve.

The nominated candidate will then be questioned by the Senate judiciary committee about key issues, a process that takes an average of 60 days."

The Senate judiciary committee sends the candidate to the Senate, where they debate back and forth about his or her qualifications. To end the discussion, 60 votes are required in what is known as a cloture motion.

According to CBS News, those voting in the Senate tend to reject or accept candidates based on their political leanings.

After ending the debate, the Senate will conduct a simple majority vote, requiring at least 51 votes, with the vice president breaking the tie if necessary.
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