How animals are handling Hurricane Harvey

As Harvey brought unprecedented rains to Texas, animals have been caught in the path of the torrential rains as well.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

HOUSTON — As Hurricane Harvey dumped down all over Texas, humans weren't the only ones looking for relief.

Animals of all shapes and sizes were caught in the downpour and had to be rescued along with everybody else.

The rich animals were the lucky ones, because they were able to get out before the rain hit.

Blue-collared friends like Harvey the Hawk wasn't as fortunate. Heavy rains forced Harvey to hail a cab rather than take to the skies. Guess Harvey isn't a big Uber or Lyft fan.

Gators have also been seen trying to escape all the wetness. Many have been seen hanging out in the burbs.

And of course man's best friend and our favorite feline companions were stuck just like everyone else.

It wasn't only the big animals looking for a helping hand during Tropical Storm Harvey. Insects were getting in on the action as well.
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