Houston residents form human chain to rescue pregnant woman

A viral video shows a group of Houston residents forming a human chain to escort a pregnant woman in labor through floodwaters to get into a truck.


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HOUSTON, TEXAS — A woman who went into labor on Sunday as floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey surrounded her apartment was saved, thanks to a human chain of neighbors and firefighters.

According to People, soon-to-be-parents doctor Andrea and Greg Smith were trapped inside their apartment by Hurricane Harvey. During that time, Andrea went into labor.

Unable to get help from outside the apartment complex, the Smiths realised they had no option but to prepare for a home birth. The Smiths' neighbors, who are also medical professionals, showed up with medical equipment and supplies after someone called for help.

Word traveled until eventually someone whose father lived across from a fire station was able to tell firefighters about the Smiths' situation. As water levels continued to rise, the group decided to move the delivery process to the second floor of the apartment complex.

When a large garbage truck was spotted outside, Greg ran out into the rain to ask for help, and that's when — to his amazement — he was told the vehicle was actually there for him and his wife. People quickly clasped hands and formed a human chain to help the laboring Andrea through the waist-high water and into the truck.

After settling down in the hospital, the couple were given dry clothes and a real delivery room for Andrea to give birth. And at 1:59 a.m. on Monday, the couple's first born, Adrielle was born.

The volunteers' brave act was captured by neighbor Molly Akers who lives in the same apartment complex the Smiths live in. And the footage has since gone viral across Facebook and Twitter.
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