Hotel forgives man whose room was trashed by seagulls

That's one hell of a story.


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VICTORIA, CANADA — A Canadian man who had his luxury hotel room trashed by seagulls over some pepperoni in 2001 has been "pardoned".
Nick Burchill was banned from the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, British Columbia in 2001 after the feathery fiasco.

Burchill said in a Facebook post that he was bringing some pepperoni to some Naval friends on the west coast back in April of '01, according to BBC.

He wanted to keep the meat cool, but his room had no fridge, so he plopped the some pepperoni out on his table and window sill to chill.

Then he went for a four- or five-hour walk. When he came back, he found an entire flock of hungry seagulls — around 40 he claims — going to town on his meats and his room.

According to Burchill, the room was all feathers, seagull doo doo and chunks of pepperoni everywhere.

In an attempt to clear the room out, he tossed a shoe at a seagull, which ended up going out the window. Only problem was that he needed the shoe for a meeting.

Burchill eventually made it to his meeting, but then later got a letter from the hotel saying he was banned for life.
In March, after Burchill penned an apologetic letter asking for forgiveness, the hotel lifted to ban.
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