Horse on the loose plows over pedestrians in Anhui

Surveillance video shows the moment an unlucky woman was run over from behind.


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SHEXIAN, CHINA — A horse somehow got free in Anhui province last week and ran loose through the streets, running over one unsuspecting woman.
According to footage posted on Miaopai, surveillance video from last Tuesday in Shexian county shows the horse galloping down the street toward two women.
Other people on the street can be seen caught off guard by the bronco trotting down the street.
Unfortunately, the elderly woman turned around too late to see the stallion charging up on her and took the full brunt of the collision.
Apparently, the horse injured two other people on its run around the city.
The unlucky animal was eventually corned by police in an alley and was finally put down after several attempts.
According to authorities, the horse was probably being used in a wedding and got loose.
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