Hong Kong woman saved after her hair caught in platform doors


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A rare accident nearly happened in Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway (MTR) yesterday morning.

Yesterday during morning rush hour, a woman in her 20s with waist-length hair rushed through a Tseung Kwan O Station (將軍澳港鐵站) platform right before the train doors closed. Unexpectedly, her hair was caught by both the train doors and platform gate. Luckily, the incident was spotted by an MTR employee, who immediately signaled her colleague to press the emergency button. The conductor stopped the train just in time and reversed the train to where it started to release the woman’s hair.

The woman continued boarding the train later after it was made sure she was safe and sound.

However, because the train was delayed seven to eight minutes, hundreds of commuters were affected.

Engineer Lo Kok-keung (盧覺強) of Hong Kong Polytechnic University pointed out that there’s only a small gap between the train doors and platform gates and that their sensors aren’t capable of detecting objects thinner than 1 c.m. If the MTR employee had not acted in time, the woman’s scalp would have been ripped off.
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