Hong Kong protester shot in the chest by police

Following months of protests in Hong Kong, police used live ammunition for the first time yesterday by shooting a high school student.


NSFW    HONG KONG — A high school student involved in anti-government protests in Hong Kong was shot in the chest by police during clashes with authorities.
The BBC reports that the incident came as thousands of people demonstrated in defiance of a protest ban for the 70th anniversary of Communist rule in China.
According to the BBC, although people have been shot with rubber bullets in previous protests, this marks the first time live ammunition has been used.
Reuters reports that Hong Kong police confirmed that an officer opened fire at a protester, saying he was acting in self-defense.
A police statement said, "a large group of rioters was attacking police officers in Tsuen Wan."
"Police officers warned them, but they were still attacking police. A police officer's life was seriously endangered. In order to save his and other officers' lives, they fired at the attacker."
According to Reuters, a clip posted to social media shows the 18-year-old protester swing a baton at a policeman, brushing his right arm.
The officer then fires a round into the protester's chest as he stumbles over another policeman and falls on his back.
According to the BBC, the man has been undergoing surgery and his condition is not known. Police say he was hit "near his left shoulder."
According to Hong Kong police, in addition to the bullet fired at the young protester, five other live rounds were fired at various locations on Tuesday.
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