Honeymooners reports fuel leakage on plane, then gets left stranded

When they got to their seats, the newlyweds spotted fluid pouring out of the plane’s left wing, which turned out to be jet fuel.


NSFW    NEWARK, NEW JERSEY — A newly-married couple flying to Italy for their honeymoon cruise were were abandoned by the airline after reporting a fuel leak that may have resulted in a disaster.

On June 14, Mike and Rachel Brumfield boarded their flight in Newark, New Jersey, but when they got to their seats, they spotted fluid pouring out of the plane’s left wing. What they saw draining out was jet fuel. Somehow, not one member of the flight crew happened to notice the issue before takeoff, and had the couple not spoken up, the Brumfields say the plane would have probably crashed into the Atlantic Ocean.

The newlyweds say they soon learned that their flight was cancelled without notice, and all the passengers had received hotel vouchers for the night, except them. Furthermore, they say United employees were “super rude” to them, and had no idea where their luggage was. In photos posted on Mike’s Facebook page, they had no choice but to sleep on the floor of the airport, and rush to a flight at another airport to make it to Venice on time for their honeymoon cruise.

When reached for comment, United Airlines declined to address the couple’s claims, only offering a general statement regarding the flight cancellation.
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