Homeless vet sues couple who started $400K GoFundMe

Where did all the money go?


NSFW    PHILADELPHIA — Last year, a viral GoFundMe campaign started by a New Jersey couple who raised $400,000 for homeless vet Johnny Bobbitt is apparently all gone.
According to NJ.com, pro-bono lawyers for Bobbitt filed suit against Kate McClure and her boyfriend Mark D'Amico, alleging they were withholding the money raised to get the vet back on his feet.

Bobbitt claims the couple spent the money on lavish trips and extravagant purchases. The couple claims they didn't give all the money to Bobbitt because he would have just blown it on drugs.

According to the Associated Press, GoFundMe says they are now working with law enforcement to make sure Bobbitt gets all the money that was raised for him.

Bobbit's lawyer told the Philadelphia Inquirer on Tuesday that he learned the money was all gone in a call with lawyers for Kate McClure and her boyfriend Mark D'Amico.

McClure and D'Amico started the GoFundMe page for Bobbitt in November 2017 after McClure ran out of gas on I-95 near Philadelphia and Bobbitt gave her his last 20 bucks for gas money.

A judge has now ordered the couple to appear in court to explain where and how all the money was spent.
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