Homeless man, NJ woman admit to GoFundMe scam

The two pleaded guilty to federal charges.


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PHILADELPHIA — A homeless man and a New Jersey woman admitted to concocting a fake story on GoFundMe that raised over $400,000 in donations, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.
Military vet Johnny Bobbitt, 36, pleaded guilty in court to conspiracy to commit money laundering. Bobbitt faces six to 30 months in prison for this charge.

Katelyn McClure, 28, admitted to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. She's looking at up to 33 months in a federal pen.
According to the Inquirer, what's even better is Bobbitt, McClure and her former boyfriend Mark D'Amico are still staring at conspiracy and theft-by-deception charges in a pending case brought by Burlington County prosecutors.
The three amigos are accused of suckering 14,000 donors around the world who gave money to help Bobbitt get off the streets.
Dumb, dumber and dumbest told donors Bobbitt came to McClure's rescue when she ran out of gas on an exit on Philly's I-95 one chilly night in fall of 2017.
The story touched hearts as it instantly went viral, with the trio even going on national television to help sell the lie.
Too bad it all started to go haywire after Bobbitt sued the couple for not getting his fair share of the loot.

Prosecutors say D'Amico and McClure blew the money on a BMW, a trip to Sin City, and trips to casinos and Disney parks. Disney parks!? Classy.
D'Amico was not in court with Bobbitt and McClure, and federal prosecutors have not commented on their plans. Whatever they are, can't be good for D'Amico.
Lesson of the day—if it sounds too good to be true...
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