Hipster loses testicle after getting stopped for DWI. Now his jeans will fit better

This lapel cam video shows an Albuquerque police officer forcefully subduing a man during a DWI stop. The officer kicks the man in the groin so hard he had to have a testicle removed.


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A police officer tells a man who’s actively resisting to sit down nearly 30 times before physically subduing him. Some people would say the officer showed restraint, others are calling it abuse.

This lapel cam video shows Albuquerque police officer Pablo Padilla forcefully subduing 24-year-old law student Jeremy Martin during a DWI stop. In the process, Martin’s groin gets in between the officer’s knee and his car, injuring his testicle so badly it had to later be removed.

It seems to be yet another case of police brutality by a member of the Albuquerque Police Department, which in April was found by the U.S. Department of Justice to be engaged in a “pattern and practice” of excessive force. Martin is now suing the officers involved.

But watch the two minutes of video leading up to the moment Padilla knees Martin. Martin is actively resisting while trying to negotiate with Padilla to let him and his friends go. Padilla asks Martin to sit down nearly 30 times before he finally uses force to take him down.

At 1 minute and 16 seconds in to the footage, Padilla threatens to use mace on Martin. Martin responds: “I would love for you to mace me. That would be fantastic.”

Padilla didn’t mace Martin, but two minutes later he kneed him in the Jimmy.

Do you think Padilla overreacted? Let us know in the comments.

Video credit: ProgressNowNM

Police icon credit: Xiamcitizen
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