High school baseball protege rescues man from railroad tracks


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Tomoya Mori, the 18-year-old high schooler and No.1 draft pick catcher of the Saitama Seibu Lions, rescued a visually-challenged passenger in his 70s at Shin-Imamiya Station in Osaka one early morning this past mid-November.

The visually-impaired passenger accidentally tripped over his own foot and tumbled out into the rail tracks. Tomoya Mori and his teammate Takeo Kume were on their way to school and they happened to see him falling. They rushed into action and brought him back to platform before station staff arrived. Thanks to the pair’s prompt rescue, the passenger escaped with only minor injuries to his knees and arms.

The pair were reluctant to be in the spotlight after their rescue, so they kept a lid on the incident to friends and other. West Japan Railway Company (JR West) presented them with letters of commendation for their bravery this Monday.
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