Hey girl: Ryan Gosling saves woman, slays our hearts


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Movie star Ryan Gosling saved British writer Laurie Penny from an oncoming car when she stepped out blindly into New York City traffic Tuesday.

"Ryan Gosling grabbed me away from a taxi," Penny tweeted that evening. She said she looked the wrong way before crossing the street because she is accustomed to traffic flowing in the opposite direction in London.

Penny has apparently been inundated with press requests following the incident. She claims she is turning down interviews, choosing to instead address the hoopla via a Gawker blog post Wednesday.

The star of much buzzed-about films like Ides of March and Drive, there are few other celebrities as popular as Gosling right now. His good looks and heartfelt performance in 2003's The Notebook cemented him as a heartthrob among women, and his reputation as such has given rise to several Internet memes.
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