Heroic bus driver stops student from getting hit by car

A quick-thinking driver pulled a student back in time from getting hit by a speeding car.


NSFW    NORWICH, NEW YORK — A school bus driver is being hailed a hero after her life-saving grab prevented a student from getting hit by a car.

The Norwich City School District posted a video of the April 26 incident on their Facebook page, both to praise driver Samantha Call and as a way to spread awareness on school bus safety.

The video begins with the bus slowly coming to a stop, and 13-year-old Matthew Squires standing in the aisle, preparing to get off.

Call told WBNG she checked the bottom mirror before letting him out, like she does for every kid, and spotted a car about to pass the side of the bus as Squires was on the third step down.

Thinking fast, she yanked him back just before a silver car is seen whizzing past outside, saving the boy's life. Call is then seen honking the horn on the bad driver, before letting Squires go.

The boy's mom says she cried when she saw the footage and witnessed how close her son came to being pummeled by a car, and is grateful to Call for her quick action.

WSYR-TV reports that despite the multiple cameras on Call's bus, the driver in this case can't be caught. In New York State, you can be ticketed for passing a bus only if an officer sees it first hand.

Lawmakers are currently pushing for a new bill "School Bus Camera Safety Act." If it passes, the state can use bus videos to hold irresponsible drivers like this one accountable.
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