Hero saves cat who fell into London's River Thames

London dock worker Scott Derben leapt into action when Felix the office cat fell into the drink.


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LONDON — A London dock worker is being hailed a hero after he saved a cat from drowning in the River Thames.

Surveillance footage of the incident was posted to Facebook by London’s Royal Docks on Monday.

It shows the Docks’ engineering and operations manager Scott Derben leaping into action after Felix fell into the drink.

Felix got an unexpected bath when she was fighting with another cat and things got out of hand. But Derben wasn’t about to let the Royal London Docks’ official office cat drown.

Derben ran to the water’s edge and grabbed the little kitty by her neck before she sunk to the bottom of the river. We’re not sure if cats are good swimmers, but Derben wasn’t taking any chances.

Felix the cat was doing fine on Tuesday.

A spokesman for the Docks said he were happy to report that the kitty experienced no injury or trauma, according to the Evening Standard.

However, Felix may have suffered a little wounded pride. The spokesman said everyone in the office had been laughing behind Felix’s back about her “blasé ‘nothing to see here’ routine that followed her dunking.’”
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