Hero pit bull will not be put down for biting boy in rescue attempt

The 9-year-old boy’s mother was attempting to drown him. Hearing this, the dog rushed into the river and frantically grabbed the boy. In the process, his tight grip injured the child.


NSFW    MOAMA, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA — A pit bull in jeopardy of being put down for biting a drowning child while trying to save his life will be spared, after investigators deemed he was acting heroically.

On March 2 in Australia, a mother brought her two children to the Murray River, where she first attempted to drown her 9-year-old son. The boy struggled to escape his mother’s murderous grip, but managed to break free when she was distracted by her 5-year-old son’s screams.

From a neighboring property, a pet pit bull, Buddy, heard the children’s cries, and rushed to the elder son’s aid. Storming into the water, Buddy grabbed the boy with his jaw as he pulled him to shore. In the process, his tight grip injured the child. As this was happening, the deranged mother was drowning the younger boy, who did not survive.

Buddy also bit the mother during the incident, leading authorities to initially seize him when they arrived on scene. An online petition in defense of Buddy’s response began circulating, in hopes of sparing his life, reuniting him with his distraught owners, and recognizing his heroic efforts in rescuing the 9-year-old.

In the end, the police deemed that the dog “was responding to extreme circumstances” and “likely acted in reasonable defence of the boy.” As a result, Buddy the pit bull will not be destroyed. The surviving child remains in stable condition in the hospital, recovering from his injuries.

The mother has been charged with murder, and attempted murder, for her crimes against her innocent children.
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