Hero gym teacher wrecks rifle-wielding shooter

Don't mess with coach Stojadinovic


NSFW    VELIKA PLANA / SERBIA — Physical education teacher Slavoljub Stojadinovic has been hailed a hero after stopping a crazed gunman at his high school.

Serbia's Beta News Agency reports that Stojandinovic was coaching at the gym when a student told him that his help was urgently needed because of trouble in the philosophy class."

The daily Blic reports that the trouble turned out to be a gun toting maniac pumping bullets into the ceiling and trying to take hostages."

According to the BBC, the Ministry of Education later said the gunman had an automatic rifle."

Stojadinovic told Beta News that the gunman fired twice at his head and missed.

The PE teacher disarmed the alleged gunman and kept him subdued until law enforcement arrived.

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The BBC reports that the gunman was the only person injured in the incident.

Stojadinovic told Beta News that although he had been wearing bandages on his hand, the wound was not a result of his struggle with the gunman.

According to the BBC Serbia, the police later recovered explosive material in the gunman's bag.
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