Herd of cows help police nab fleeing suspect

A woman was on the run when she entered a cattle field and was chased by a herd of cows.


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SEMINOLE, FLORIDA — Four felony suspects were on the run when the Sanford Police Department received help from a herd of cows, leading to the group's arrest, reports WKMG-TV.

A woman and three other suspects were recklessly driving a stolen car when the police started following them.

The woman, identified as Jennifer Kaufman, then decided to ditch the car and ran into a cattle field.

It seems like the cows were not happy with Kaufman invading their territory, and started chasing her as well.

The owner of the pasture mentioned in an interview to WKMG-TV that his cattle "panicked" because they didn't know who Kaufman was.

The woman then ran away from the cows and climbed over a fence, where the police were waiting to arrest her.

The other fleeing suspects were eventually arrested too.
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