Headmaster takes job title literally, caught going down on teacher

A headmaster from Slovenia is in quite the mess after a video of him eating out the math teacher went viral.



A headmaster who appeared to be orally pleasuring a math teacher during school hours threatened to sue students after the video of the incident went viral.

Drago Kamenik, 41, was apparently discovered by students from the high school in Maribor, Slovenia between the legs of 45-year-old Manja Mertelj after they heard moans coming out of a classroom that was supposed to be empty.

Kamenik actually threatened legal action against the students who posted the clip of him going to town on Ms. Mertelj up onto social media and then tried to deny it was real after the footage went viral.

“We heard the noises and knew someone was having sex in there,” said one 19-year-old student from the school. “But we thought it would be other students. We couldn’t believe it when we saw our math teacher and headmaster.”

Kamenik, married father of two, still says the clip is fake. He says he has reported to the video to police.

“The man in the video is not me, it has been photoshopped,” he said. “I also spoke to my wife. Can these fools even begin to imagine what damage they have caused by doing this?”

“As for the math teacher, she is a very good teacher and has had many positive things said about her,” Kamenik added.

The students have not been scared by the legal threats as they say they have more footage that clearly shows the headmaster.

“We can put up more to prove it but I don’t think anyone really doubts us,” another student said over social media.
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