Headless torso found on beach IS missing journalist

Danish police confirm headless and limbless corpse found on Copenhagen beach are the remains of a missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall.


NSFW    COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — Danish police on Wednesday confirmed a headless torso that washed up on a Copenhagen beach is the remains of missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall.

"DNA match between torso and Kim Wall," Copenhagen police said on Twitter.

Wall was last seen alive on Aug. 10 when she boarded the UC3 Nautilus submarine in Copenhagen with its owner-operator Peter Madsen, the Washington Post reported.

The submarine sank the next day and Madsen escaped from the vessel.

A search and rescue operation failed to find Wall.

A headless torso washed up on a Copenhagen beach on Aug. 21. Two days later, police confirmed it was a DNA match for Wall.

Madsen originally told police he dropped Wall off in Copenhagen. He then changed his story, saying she died on board the submarine and he buried her at sea.

Police said the journalist's headless and limbless body was deliberately mutilated.

Madsen denies a charge of manslaughter, and a court case is continuing.

Wall was 30 years old. She worked as a freelance reporter for the New York Times, the Guardian and Vice, among other publications.
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