Hazed Chinese groom suing friends after wedding day pranks

With friends like these, who needs enemies?


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ZUNYI, CHINA — A man in southern China is hilariously suing his "friends" after they hazed him as part of some lame Chinese wedding tradition.
Supposedly, most men put up with the wedding day hazing, but Ai Guangtao decided to lawyer up after his pals cracked his skull open and saddled him with some big bills.
To get things started, Ai's friends pelted him with eggs, then dumped beer and ink all over him. Then they taped him to an electric pole, so they could whip him with bamboo.
Ai then did what any normal Chinese man would do. He ran away in fear, while his good buddies chased him down.

At one point, Ai tried to run across the highway where he was surprisingly hit by a car.
According to the SCMP, the 24-year-old groom spent two weeks in the hospital with a boatload of injuries, including a cracked noggin.
The po po blamed Ai for the fender bender, which he now has to shell out $4,400 for. So now he's manning up and suing his friends.
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