Half of world's sea turtles have already consumed plastic: Study

A group of researchers have found that event consuming one single piece of plastic increases the likelihood of the sea turtle to die by 22 percent.


NSFW    AUSTRALIA — Researchers found that ingesting just one piece of plastic could increase the chance of a sea turtle to die by 22 percent, according to a study published in the Scientific Reports.

The researchers found younger turtles have a higher risk of dying from plastic than adult turtles as they tend to float with the ocean currents where most of the small lightweight plastic lies.

Adult turtles in comparison tend to be choosier with what they eat, choosing instead to eat sea grass and crustaceans.

The researchers explained a even a thin, flimsy piece of plastic could block the intestine, resulting in blockage in the long run. While harder pieces of plastic could cause internal injuries, which could ultimately lead to death.

The study also found that about half of the sea turtles on Earth have already consumed plastic.

Dr. Hardesty, one of the authors of the study, said we should "rethink our relationship with plastic" and work to reduce the turtles' exposure to plastic.
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