Hackers take over couple's Google Nest, hilarity then ensues

Now that is one smart move.


NSFW    MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN — A Milwaukee couple may be regretting their super smart decision to have their house turned into a smart home after their Google Nest was hacked.
According to Fox 6, the Westmorelands installed a Nest camera, doorbell and thermostat at their place in 2018.
Things were all good until one day on September 17, when hackers decided to have some fun with the couple.
Fox 6 reported that when Samantha Westmoreland got back from work, the house felt like a dry sauna because the thermostat had been jacked up to 90 degrees.
At first she thought it was just a glitch, so she set the temperature back to normal.
Unfortunately hackers had other plans, and turned the temperature back up.

That's when a voice began talking from a Nest camera in the kitchen. And for ambiance, Nest also started blasting loud music.
Samantha then unplugged the camera, pointed it toward the ceiling and changed their password. Too bad that didn't work.
According to Fox 6, the Westmorelands had to eventually get their internet service provider to change their network ID for their whole wireless network.
Let this be a lesson people. Just because something says "smart" in front of it, doesn't make it so.
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