Hackers swipe credit card info from 1000s of online store

Hackers are targeting online stores on Volusion in a bid to steal credit card information from thousands of customers.


NSFW    AUSTIN, TEXAS — New research has found that stores on an online shopping platform have been hacked.

According to ZDNet, Volusion, a software company hosting online stores, was hacked in a bid to steal credit card information from their clients.

Citing research from Check Point and Trend Micro, ZDNet reports that hackers implanted malicious Javascript code onto the company's servers after gaining access to its Google Cloud infrastructure.

The malicious code was then able to hijack credit card details from information that customers entered through the online stores.

Cyber security company RiskIQ explained on their website that these types of hacking attacks are called "Magecarts."

According to a Medium blogpost by a researcher at Check Point, more than 6,500 online stores have been impacted. This includes a Sesame Street Live online store which has since been taken down.
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