Hackers can access personal data via smart home devices

The FBI issued a statement calling on smart home device users to secure all their devices so that hackers won't be able to get at their data.


NSFW    PORTLAND, OREGON — The FBI issued a statement earlier this month warning consumers about smart home devices that could be vulnerable to hacks.

This includes smart digital assistants, smart watches, smart refrigerators, home security devices, and gaming systems.

FBI officials explained in the statement that these Internet of Things devices are continuously sending and receiving data, but users are typically unaware of how the data is being collected or where exactly it is being transmitted.

The agency warned that hackers may be able to conduct a "virtual drive-by" of users' digital lives if they gain access via unsecured devices. This, in turn, gives them access to a user's router and everything connected to their home network.

The bureau urged users to change the default password and set unique passwords for every smart home device, as well as store sensitive and private data on a network system separate from the IoT devices.

The FBI also recommended updating smart home devices regularly, and checking permissions on mobile apps linked to the smart devices.

The agency further encouraged users to turn on automatic updates for software, hardware and operating systems on their smart devices for the latest updates.
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