Guy meets girl on GTA online

A viral Reddit thread details the story of how a couple found love while playing golf on Grand Theft Auto online.


NSFW    LOS SANTOS — A Reddit user Propain58 said he met his partner, SubtleSwing, while playing golf on GTA online, all by accident.

How did they hit it off? According to Propain58, she dropped in, hit the ball a few feet and he cracked the joke, "Talk about a subtleswing".

Prior to meeting up, Propain58 described how they verified that they were each the real deal. He writes that they were open and spoke with each other and each other's families via chat, Skype and phone.

Propain58 wrote in the thread, "It's a bit safer bet when you can actually see the persons face in video and we were both fortunate that the other was willing to do things to prove we're legitimate people. That said a fair bit relied on trust in the other person and fortunately for us it paid off."

Some users on the Reddit thread don't think the encounter is real. They find it all hard to believe, with some reckoning it's a marketing ploy by GTA creators Rockstar.
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