Gun-toting maniac trying to carjack Portland drivers shot by police

Family of gunman whose wild behavior prompted dozens of police to attend the scene says he hasn’t come to terms with his mother’s recent death.


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Labor Day travelers in Portland sat through a four-hour traffic jam after police shot and wounded a gunman on the highway.

Police said 27-year-old Denorris McClendon was seen wandering along an I-84 off-ramp on Labor Day morning, waving a handgun at passing cars.

Multiple drivers called police to report that a man was trying to pull off a carjack.

More than one hundred Portland police officers responded to the incident. But when they arrived, McClendon refused to put down the weapon, which police have identified as a replica handgun.

McClendon reportedly pointed the gun at an officer and then took off running across the highway.

An officer shot and wounded McClendon in the hip as he ran across through traffic. The suspect continued running until he got to Fremont Street, where he collapsed at the 11200 block, police said.

McClendon reportedly refused to comply with the police after he fell, and asked them to shoot him.

He was arrested and taken to a Portland hospital for non life-threatening injuries.

McClendon’s family says his mental health issues had just worsened due to the death of his mother. His grandmother reportedly called police on McClendon the night before the incident because he was searching for the FBI in her yard.
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