Gun seized from boy in a Japanese middle school is accidently fired by teacher.


NSFW    A middle school student brought a real gun and bullets into his classroom in Fukuoka, Japan.

A boy attending Shime East Jr. High School took a gun with a few bullets from his family’s storehouse to his home sometime around mid-September. He carried the weapon in his backpack for over a month.

Last Wednesday, a teacher doing a routine check for prohibited items checked all the male students’ belongings and discovered one of them brought a gun and bullets. Believing it to only be a toy, he kept it in the faculty room.

Later that afternoon, another teacher apparently also thought it was a toy gun and accidentally fired it. Fortunately, he was aiming at the floor and it only hit the leg of a chair. There were no injuries.

The boy’s 41-year-old father was arrested for a violation of the Firearm Control Law on Monday. Police are looking into how the man got the gun and bullets.
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