Guatemala volcano death toll rises, nearly 200 people still missing

At least 99 people have been killed with nearly 200 still missing.


NSFW    GUATEMALA — Emergency crews have resumed search and rescue operations in the surrounding areas affected by Sunday's Mt. Fuego eruption, which has killed at least 99 people, with around 200 people still missing.

Rescue work was stopped temporarily on Tuesday when a second eruption sent plumes of gas and molten rock down Fuego's south side, reported the BBC.

Some places are still so hot that when rescuers poked metal rods into the ground, clouds of smoke came pouring out, reported The Guardian.

Firefighters said the temperatures reached between 750 to 1,300 Fahrenheit under the surface at some locations.

Reuters reports the volcano had its most violent eruption in more than 40 years on Sunday when it sent ash 33,000 feet up into the atmosphere.
No evacuation alert was given before the massive eruption on Sunday, said Guatemala's Disaster Relief Agency Chief Sergio Cabañas.

More than 1.7 million people were affected by the eruption, with 3,319 people currently in shelters.
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