Guardian Angel: Passerby saves choking newborn baby, hailed as savior

Nurse Chen was off duty when she spotted a frantic couple with an unconscious newborn baby in their arms.


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NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN - In Taiwan, an emergency room nurse is being hailed by two parents as their baby’s guardian angel after she stopped to help their 7 month old baby girl.

Mr. and Mrs. Tu were feeding their 7 month baby when she suddenly began choking. She was struggling to breath and went into shock. The frantic parents phoned for an ambulance to be sent and rushed downstairs, the father still barefoot, to wait in the street for the emergency crew to arrive.

Little did they know that an off-duty nurse would pass by on her scooter. Nurse Chen, age 37, saw the panicked couple and immediately realized that the baby was limp and unconscious.

Nurse Chen stopped, told the couple she was a nurse, and began to attempt to resuscitate the baby. She boarded the ambulance with the baby and continued her efforts until they reached the hospital.

By the time the ambulance reached the hospital, the baby girl was breathing again but still unconscious. Doctors were able to stabilize her and she is still being kept in intensive care under observation.

Nurse Chen said she couldn’t have just continued driving on, knowing she had the skills to help the young family.

Mr. Tu said that he and his wife will always be thankful to Nurse Chen. He said he would teach his daughter to respect and be thankful to Nurse Chen when she was old enough to understand how close she came to dying without the good samaritan’s help.
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