Greta Thunberg will sail to New York for UN climate summit

Greta Thunberg will ditch flights in favor of a zero-emissions yacht to travel to New York for UN climate talks.


NSFW    ACROSS THE POND — Greta Thunberg is set to attend climate talks in America, but she won't be flying there. Instead, the teen activist will be crossing the Atlantic on a sailboat.

According to the New York Times, the 60-foot racing yacht Malizia II is a zero-emissions vessel that generates electricity using solar panels and underwater turbines.

CNN reports that in mid-August, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg and the crew of the Malizia II will sail from the U.K. to New York, where Thunberg will attend the UN Climate Action Summit on September 23.

She will also go to Canada and Mexico, and plans to attend the UN COP25 climate conference in Santiago, Chile in December.

The journey to New York will take roughly two weeks, according to the Times, with zero comfort onboard.

Boris Hermann, the boat's skipper, says he warned Thunberg that she will likely eat freeze-dried and vacuum-packed meals, and that the crossing may be choppy, as peak Atlantic hurricane season is in August and September.

Thunberg doesn't fly due to the high carbon emissions associated with air travel.

Citing German nonprofit Atmosfair, Graphic News reports that a London to New York flight generates 3,408 kilograms of CO2 per person, which is double the annual carbon footprint per capita in India.

According to the New York Times, the Malizia II will only be dropping Thunberg off across the pond. No news yet on how she plans to get back home to Sweden.
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