Great white shark bitten in the head by giant great white shark

Researchers at OCEARCH discovered a great white shark that had two big bite marks on his head.


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NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN — Researchers found a great white shark with head injuries that were apparently inflicted by an even bigger shark in the North Atlantic Ocean.

OCEARCH said in a Facebook post that its scientists named the shark Vimy before they tagged and released him.

OCEARCH founding chairman Chris Fischer told the McClatchy news group Vimy bears scars on the lower jaw and fresh wounds on the top of his head."

Fischer said the new injuries appeared to be the toothiwork of something significantly bigger than Vimy's 12 feet.

Vimy, weighing about 1,200 pounds and measuring less than 13 feet, is actually smaller than the average great white shark.

Fischer told McClatchy that Vimy could have been trying to mate with a female shark before a larger male rival bit him.

Fischer was quoted as saying, "Maybe Vimy was just the small guy on the block."

Another possibility was that Vimy tried to make the moves on a much bigger female shark that chomped on his head instead."

Vimy could also have been attacked when trying to snack on a seal that the proverbial bigger fish had its beady eyes on.
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