Grandmother hilariously mistakes an opossum for one of her cats

Kansas grandmother mistakes opossum for one of her feline friends.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

KANSAS — An animal-loving grandmother in Kansas was found to have an opossum hanging out among her stray cats.

Eric Hertlein's grandmother has a big heart, especially for our furry little friends. She's set up a nice spot in her enclosed porch with beds and food, the Dodo reported.

Looks like she's also been caring for a clever little imposter for the past few months.
Her grandson Eric dropped by for a visit recently. When he went to check on the cats, his kitty-sense started tingling. Right there among the felines was an opossum chilling in his own bed.

When Hertlein asked his grandmother about the little dude, she said she had named him Tete and that he'd first come to her house when he was an orphaned baby looking for food.
So naturally, she took the opossum in. Since then, he's be coming back for the grub and witty conversation.
Eric's grandmother really thought Tete was just a cat at first, but when she finally did see it was an opossum, she said, "well, he hasn't bothered me yet, so I'm OK with him being here!"
Hey, if granny says it's cool. It's cool.
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