Granddaughter goes no. 2 on public bus

Chinese grandparents allow their granddaughter to poo on a public bus


NSFW    BEIJING — Asia One reported that there have been many occurrences in recent years of Chinese tourists causing outrage for letting their children relieve themselves in public and this time... it's no different.

According to Asia One, two Chinese grandparents in Beijing pulled out a portable potty and plastic bag to let their granddaughter excrete on the bus.

The dumping of the child's feces into the plastic tub caused outrage and resulted in a quarrel between passengers when a woman became offended by the public defecation and smell.

In the video, the woman and the grandparents draw their phones to film one another while the act is in midstream.

The woman posted the video to Weibo and explained how the grandparents refused to take their granddaughter off the bus.

The woman posted, 'at first I said to myself to let it go since she was a little kid after all. But later I had to complain as there was a smell. The old couple began to curse me and criticized me for not showing sympathy for a kid.'

According to the South China Morning Post, netizens were divided in opinion and expressed their objection on both sides.

In the same report, it stated that there was a similar incident In February when a woman was photographed letting her son urinate on the floor of the Forbidden City in Beijing.
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