Google, YouTube to pay $170M for collecting kids' data

YouTube was allegedly collecting personal information of children without their parents' consent.


NSFW    WASHINGTON — Google and YouTube are coughing up $170 million after getting spanked by the FTC on Wednesday to settle allegations they were collecting data on kids without their parents' consent.

NPR reported that according to a complaint filed by the FTC and the New York attorney general, YouSuck allegedly collected info of children watching YouTube kids videos without telling their parents or getting their okay, breaking laws that protect children's privacy.
YouMakeThemMoney earned millions of dollars by then using this data to bombard the kids with super annoying targeted ads. Ah—how socially responsible of YouTool.

The complaint also said YouTube marketed itself as a top destination for kids in presentations to companies making kids stuff.
YouSpy told Mattel that "YouTube is today's leader in reaching children aged 6 to 11 against top TV channels." 6 YEARS OLD?
YouTracking told Hasbro that YouTube is the "#1 website regularly visited by kids."
YouCaughtUs said that in about four months it will stop serving personalized ads on kids content. 4 months?
But don't worry, Google and YouTube will continue to roll out other innovative ways to make money off the mountains of data it has on you and your kids.
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