Google Transparency Report: Crazy YouTube videos, other content removed


NSFW    Google's Transparency Report shows what government agencies want to block you from seeing. Google says "transparency is a core value" and the Google Transparency Report is a good read, even if Google can be anything but transparent when it suits the internet giant, such as when Google knew its Street View cars were slurping personal data while for years pretended the slurping was the work of a rogue engineer.

The Google Transparency Report highlights requests Google has received to remove content such as YouTube videos and search listings. It only focuses on requests from government agencies and does not include data from countries with heavy restrictions on internet use such as China and Iran.

Most of the requests dealt with defamatory videos about military or political figures, but some were very random such as Canada's request to remove a YouTube video of a Canadian citizen urinating on his passport and then flushing it down the toilet.

Google received around 1,007 requests and complied with around 54%. A good number of the videos that were requested to be taken down covered satirical subjects. Countries like Thailand, where it is illegal to insult the monarchy, had a higher probability of succeeding in getting content removed. Google basically ignored countries that place fewer constraints on freedom of speech.

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