Google fixed its god awful hamburger emoji

Someone at Google took the initiative to fix their hamburger emoji.


NSFW    MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA — Things have finally gone back to normal in the Google-verse after Google finally updated its abomination of a hamburger emoji.

Some person who has clearly never eaten a cheeseburger was in charge of the emoji where the cheese was placed under the patty.

Luckily, the burger got a proper facelift with the release of Android 8.1. The cheese is now on top of the patty where it belongs.

The Google monstrosity was first brought to light over the Twittersphere in a tweet with over 51,000 likes and 25,000 retweets.

Google's cafeteria even got in on the action by offering Android burgers with the cheese below the burger. Yuck.
They also made some other emoji tweaks like an updated filled beer stein as opposed to one half full, and a new cheese emoji with more realistic holes.
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