Golden Gate Bridge jumper survives after suicide attempt


NSFW    A Golden Gate Bridge jumper survived his own suicide attempt on Monday afternoon.

The 31-year-old homeless man was spotted taking the 220-foot plunge by Hilary Walecka, 23, who was sailing with her 56-year old father, Scott Walecka. The two heard a Coast Guard radio call about the jumper shortly after he fell, and soon a California Highway Patrol helicopter appeared on the scene.

The Waleckas headed towards the helicopter where they found the jumper in the water, wanting to be rescued. The duo pulled the man onto their boat with a rescue sling. Although he survived the fall, both his legs seemed to be broken, according to his rescuers. The man was incapable of saying much, but he was able to relay that he was from Alabama.
The man was transferred to Marin General Hospital, his condition is currently unknown.
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